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Artwork Ordering Catalogs

Have you ever been at an art fair or tradeshow and wanted to be able to hand a prospective buyer a "menu" for your artwork?   Something that shows all of your available sizes, prices, and ordering information...
Now you can!   On each artwork page on your website, there is a link underneath the main image that looks like this:
If you click on the link, a PDF document will open up and show you an ordering menu for that image.
Here are some examples:
You can print the PDF documents using your home printer, take them to your local print shop for a more professional look, or just e-mail them directly to prospective buyers.
If you assemble a few individual PDFs together... you've got your own ordering catalog!
These PDFs are designed to help you advertise your artwork to prospective buyers and encourage them to browse and purchase your artwork online.
There's no better way to quickly and easily show your buyers what you have to offer.