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Have you been in the news recently?   Want to announce a new release or a site-wide pricing discount?

Your artist website allows you post an unlimited number of press releases on your press release page.

But wait... who's actually going to stop by your press release page on a regular basis in order to see what you're up to?   Aside from your mom and dad... probably no one.   

If you issue a press release and no one is around to read it, what's the point?

Actually... what's the point of posting anything on your website if no one is around to take a look?

Here's the answer...

In case you missed it on one of our previous pages, everything that you upload to your website also gets uploaded to simultaneously.

So... when you issue a press release on your website... you're also posting it onto FineArtAmerica's press page.

Why is that important? gets millions of visitors each month from art collectors all over the world.   Those millions of visitors can now see your press releases.   You're no longer issuing press releases to your mom and dad... you're issuing them to millions and millions of visitors on the world's fastest growing online art site!

But wait... it's even better.   Each week, FAA sends out an e-mail newsletter to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.   The newsletter includes a list of press releases from the previous week.   If you issue a press release on your website, it will automatically appear in the FAA e-newsletter, as well!

No other artist website can do this!