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Some people are into blogging... some people aren't.

Regardless of which side you're on... blogging is a great way to attract the attention of search engines and bring more visitors to your website.

Your Artist Website allows you to post an unlimited number of blogs.   Each time you post a blog, you'll automatically generate a new webpage which is meticulously designed for high rankings in Google.


If you post regular blogs on the topic of "landscape paintings", for example, Google will eventually realize that your website is focused on landscape paintings... and over time, you will move up in their search results for that term.

Please note - blogging for search engines can be a very slow, tedious process... but it does work.

If you would rather not stress out about it, just post some blogs for fun.   Like everything else, your blogs will appear on your website and on where they can be commented on by the millions of visitors who stop by each month.