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Your Own Website


This is why you're here - you want your own website.

When you sign up with Artist Websites, the first thing you do is fill out our short registration form and select the URL for your new website.

For example:

As soon as you press submit on our registration form, your website is instantly up-and-running on the internet.   Yes - it's really that simple!

Then, all you need to do is go to your new website, login using the username and password that you provided during registration, and you're off!

You can instantly customize the appearance of your website, upload images, offer prints for sale with thousands of frame / mat combinations, accept orders via credit cards and PayPal, issue press releases, post blogs, advertise your upcoming events, create e-mail marketing campaigns... and much, much more.

It is really that simple.   There is absolutely no programming experience required.   Your website has a control panel that lets you upload content and customize the website directly from your web browser.   If you can send an e-mail or upload an image to FaceBook - then you're all set to go with a new Artist Website!   It's just as easy.   Don't take our word for it, though - take a look a what our members have to say.