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OK.   Why is a website from Artist Websites so much better than the alternatives (e.g. SmugMug, ZenFolio, ArtSpan, FineArtStudioOnline)?

There are, literally, hundreds of reasons why (see the rest of the tour)... but here is the biggest one...

When you sign up for your Artist Website, you're actually getting two websites in one.

You get your own website:

and you get a website on, as well:

Why is this important?

Let's say you open an account with SmugMug or ArtSpan or any of the hundreds of businesses that offer to help you build a website.

When you're done building your website with one of these companies, there's one enormous problem.   How do you get people to see what you've done?

Each time you upload a new image, how will anyone know?

When you offer a special discount... or issue a new press release... or advertise an upcoming event... who is going to read about it?

With other website companies, you're completely on your own.   The only people who will see your website are the 10 - 15 visitors who happen to stop by each day or find you somehow via a Google search. is completely different... and it's thanks to our partnership with

You get two websites... you're own website (e.g. and you're FAA website (e.g.   The two sites are perfectly synchronized.   When you upload something to your website (e.g. new image, new press release, etc.)... it also appears on   When you upload something to it appears on your website.   They're perfectly synchronized.

Why is this important? is the world's fastest growing art website.   FAA gets millions and millions of visitors each month who stop by to find beautiful works of art from professional and up-and-coming artists.   There are also tens of thousands of artists who log on each day to participate in the vibrant FAA online community.

When you upload content to your Artist Website... you're also uploading it to!   Now... instead of putting your artwork in front of 10 - 15 visitors per day... you're putting it in front of hundreds of thousands of visitors per day!

Your images will be shown to millions of people per month... your press releases and upcoming events will be broadcast to the tens of thousands of art collectors who subscribe to the FAA weekly newsletter... you'll receive comments and feedback on your images from tens of thousands of artists who participate in the FAA online community... the list goes on and on...

No other website creation tool can do this (e.g. SmugMug, FineArtStudioOnline, ZenFolio) because no other website creation tool has a partnership with the world's fastest growing art site:

The power of this partnership is enormous.

Let's say you're a landscape painter and that you want to sell prints of your artwork online.   What do people do when they want to buy a landscape print online?   99.9% of them are going to go to Google and do a search.   Try a google search for landscape canvas prints.   Who's the first link in the search results?

That's where you need to be... period... and that's exactly where you'll be with your new Artist Website.   When you upload a landscape image to your Artist Website... it will instantly appear for sale on your website... it will instantly appear for sale on and it will instantly appear at the top of Google's search results.

It doesn't get any better!   No other artist website can do that.

And we're just getting started...

As a member of, you get to participate in groups, art contests, member discussions, weekly promotions... and much, much more.

Simply put... the partnership between and gives you a 1 - 2 punch that is absolutely unbeatable... all for only $30 / year.